Away for a month, so here's something to entertain you.

Well, I’ve just been offered a temporary job in London that will be taking up the lions share of my time for the next four weeks or so, and as such will not be doing a great deal of writing in that time, so here’s a little something to keep you interested in that time.

I’ve been volunteering at my local Oxfam shop, and it’s been great. So here is a little humorous tribute to my time at Oxfam. It’s also a tribute to two of my favorate internet humorists, and workplace humor in general.

Oxfam, you’ve been great.

Things that shop assistant Farnan is no longer allowed to do in a charity shop.

NOTE: Unlike the famed “Skippy’s list” I have taken some factual liberties with this list, but it is accurate to the spirit of my workplace.

Usually, Unless it’s fanfic and has a disclaimer,everything on this site is copyright Aidan Farnan. however, with this list I want it to be circulated, so Creative Commons, just this once.