A further 50 things archeologist Farnan is banned from doing on an archaeological site.

It appears that a combination of having a job and losing the laptop with my copy of rapid weaver on it has stunted my literary output somewhat. However rest assured, I am working on original fic, I have a BIG fanfic project in the pipeline that has been taking up most of my time, and i still have a sense of humor. To prove that, you need some workplace jokes.

There will be a small prize if anyone gets all the pop culture references, not including the one with which i introduce the link

It’s dangerous to go alone, Take this!

A further 50 things archeologist Farnan is banned from doing on an archaeological site.

Site Clean Up

Due to my continuing gainful employment, I’ve not got any new finished fiction to put up, but i’ve started a few new things, and done a little tidying up of spelling and what not. Corrected versions of My Little Pony Forensics Is Magic part one and two up.

More fic’s soon... may also be collaborating with a friend of mine for some reviews.


New job

Enjoying the temporary Archaeology work. however, some parts of my mind insist on bring a little... odd... humor to things.

Things Archaeologist Farnan is No Longer Allowed to do on site.
Creative commons, just this once...twice. whatever.

Away for a month, so here's something to entertain you.

Well, I’ve just been offered a temporary job in London that will be taking up the lions share of my time for the next four weeks or so, and as such will not be doing a great deal of writing in that time, so here’s a little something to keep you interested in that time.

I’ve been volunteering at my local Oxfam shop, and it’s been great. So here is a little humorous tribute to my time at Oxfam. It’s also a tribute to two of my favorate internet humorists, and workplace humor in general.

Oxfam, you’ve been great.

Things that shop assistant Farnan is no longer allowed to do in a charity shop.

NOTE: Unlike the famed “Skippy’s list” I have taken some factual liberties with this list, but it is accurate to the spirit of my workplace.

Usually, Unless it’s fanfic and has a disclaimer,everything on this site is copyright Aidan Farnan. however, with this list I want it to be circulated, so Creative Commons, just this once.

Delays and excuses

This project is still running, and chapter six and seven are ready to go online, but I'm having problems getting the "front of site" to talk to the database that lets me put up PDF's and SHOULD in Theory let the comments work. I'm working on it, but I'm dyslexic and hate coding, so this could take some time.

Sorry. Will get chapter six up on Wednesday. In fact, Heck, new chapters every Wednesday! Why not? If I'm going to fail to hit updates, I may as well fail at predictable times... Now excuse me, squirrel on the birdfeeder, and snowball in hand.

Some days, life is good.