So I've set up this site....

So against my better judgment I've set up this website.
Lord knows what exactly I'm going to do about this
bizarre impulse I have to actually communicate with
other human beings, especially as my dylexia makes any
attempt to do so useless and puts whatever message it
was that I was trying to get across though the
wringier, but perhaps I'm turning into an optimist.
Well, there you go. for whatever reason it is, here I
am, actually trying to send the various inane stories,
opinions and thought I've been building up in my mind
for some time now out into the big wide world to get
mauled by internet trolls.

Part of the reason for this is Ursula Vernon’s truly
excellent webcomic Digger from which, in a
roundabout way, the title of this website ultimately
comes. There is a point in the story, I won’t say when
as my paranoia about giving away spoilers is truly
impressive, when the eponymous heroine of the piece
asks another character why they paint, and the response
about preserving your thought and feeling and art for
prosperity, and the basic impulse to leave you mark on
the world and all that stuff was actually quite moving.
Plus, to my utter amazement, people actually seemed to
like the comments I left scrawled all over the bottom
of Ursula’s wonderful webpages like psudo-intelectual
graffiti. Given the webcomic Digger is
currently winding down I also needed a way to try and
keep in contact with the other commenters on the site,
so in a blatant attempt to stay in touch and lure the
Digger comments section over to have a look at
my various bonkers scrawlings that apparently qualify
as fiction, I’ve set up this site. TV Tropes also had
someting to do with this, but I’m not going into that
because if you so much as mention the name of The
Trope-monster it will rise up from no-where and eat, if
not you’re soul, then at lest any spare time you
thought you may have had.

So any way… here's the website. It’s pretty basic at
the moment because I haven’t figured out how to work
“wordpress” yet, but hopefully it’ll soon have a
Gravitar-enabled comments section, some mechinsum for
like-minded infufferable geaks to upload their own
stumbiling and hesitant attempts at literature, and
maybe eventually some sort of amusing in-joke that will
become a minor internet meme and then be cited under
Memeic Mutation on TV Tropes with no explanation
whatsoever to the confusion and choler of all.

Given the only people I suspect will see this site in
the first six-to-eight months of it’s existence will be
fans of the webcomic Digger the first thing to
go up will almost certainly by some species of Fanfic
as although I dedicate far less time to it than to my
original fiction, I have some idea of the marketing
concept of “giving the audience what they want” so
there you go. That’s pretty much it. Not much more to
say here: you can either read the stuff or you can go
outside and play in the sunshine. In fact, it’s quite
nice right now where I am, and there's another squirrel
on the bird feeder that needs chasing off so if you’ll
excuse me…