Lenks 'Verse

Original Fiction: Trapped Under Ice, part two.

Okay, it took me a little longer than expected, and i am heartily sorry for that. First I caught the dreaded lerg (the first of many I’m sure. I love autumn and winter, they’re my times of year, but my asthma means I get at least three nasty colds per winter), then my sister came back from university, and then it was her birthday and all the relatives came over, and then she went back to university and then I just plain forgot I had set myself a deadline for this.

Anyway, in this much delayed second installment, the team discuss things with the Over Ambassador, learn a little of what awaits them in the Mysterious Antarctic, and discuss the difficulty of finding a good restaurant if you’re a sentient fox.

Part Three at some point in the not too distant future!

Trapped Under Ice, part two.

Original Fiction: Trapped Under Ice, part one.

Okay, first things first, I apologize for just how long it’s been since my last story. However, there are one or two reasons for this:

Firstly, I had the first part of this story more or less ready, in my mind at least, over a month ago. However, as its set in Antarctica and involves dangerous alien goings-on, I wanted it to be set in the Norwegian Antarctic base at Troll in Queen Maude’s land as a homage to The Thing, one of my favorite horror films of all time. However, recent events in Norway made hesitate before posting a story that involves large numbers of helpless Norwegians being attacked by an utterly inhuman monster.

Also, I lost the power lead to my laptop.

So here we go, Our friends in the KDA finally get to go outside of London, but not after they work out what’s happening and have a little talk with extremely powerful person...

Trapped Under Ice, part one.

Part two next week!

Original Fiction: KDA Helpline

You have to wonder, for each second Jack Bower or whoever spends kicking down doors and shouting at people, how much time they must spend on paperwork, or just getting calls from people who are worried about terrorist or what have you. And of course, if you were the only people on earth policing Alien technology, how many strange calls you must get in-between kicking down doors and saving the day...

KDA Helpline.

Original Fiction: Policing by consent: part three of three.

The final part of this little tale, in which we lean the nature of the alien weaponry, the uses of marmalade in advanced combat, and learn how best to demonstrate to someone that their situation is non-viable. Enjoy.

Policing by consent part three.

Original Fiction: Policing by consent: part two of three

The second part of this little tale, in which we meet Snowball's gun, discover the true identity of the Black Van Paparazzi, and learn a little about Cuthbert and Chyrs's approaches to paperwork. The concluding part coming soon...

Policing by consent part two.

Original Fiction: Policing by consent

Another short story from the same 'Verse as The Problem of Jesus. I have hundreds of stories from this setting in my head: it's a fun place to write about. I've been working on a Tourist Guide to this place since about 2003, and I'm still working on it. I hope to share some bits with you soon.

As always, anything put up under Original fiction is Copyrighted: feel free to tell others about this, but please do not circulate without adding the little "© Aidan Farnan 2011. all rights reserved" bit.

And by the way, I did not intend to start both stories in with the words "The Problem is/ The Problem with." Clever continuity aspects, and any and all resemblance to proper writing conventions is unintentional and purely coincidental, as is similarity to any persons living or dead, except the people I base my characters on.

You know who you are.

Policing by consent part 1.

Original Fiction: The Problem of Jesus: now with the spelling fixed!

Not been a good couple of weeks for me, but trying to make the best of it. So as a result I haven't put chapter seven of the Fanfic up yet. I'll do it tomorrow when I’ve had some sleep. In the interim, here is the original fiction, but with the spelling fixed and some glaring errors I missed fixed. Enjoy. Also I have no clue why all the font's gone grey, my code hasn't changed, so I think someone's changed the template I'm using. Will try to fix soon.

The Problem of Jesus 1.1

Original Fiction: The Problem of Jesus

Now that Christmas is well and truly over and my Internet is behaving itself again I think it's high time I uploaded some more Fanfic PDF's and made a start when it comes to putting my Original fiction out in the big wide web for people to mock ruthlessly. So here it is, a nice little slice-of-life into a fictional world I call, for some reason, the Lenks universe (I'll explain one day), where two individuals do what individuals do and have a few beers and then discuss the problems they get at work. Their work, however, is a little unusual. You know what they say: policing a multi-cultural society is hard. Policing a multi-cultural society with access to time travel is even harder...

Oh, and now I’m not either covered with snow of celebrating Christmas, chapter six of the Fanfic is up online, and the old ones have been re-formatted and re-written to now contain traces of both sanity and correct spelling. And yes, I still plan to get Gravitar enabled comments working one day in the misty far off future, once I lasso one of my programmer friends and get them to explain to me why my front-of-house code and the database I set up for the comments refuse to talk to each other despite my best matchmaking attempts.

The Problem of Jesus.