The Problem Of Jesus

Original Fiction: The Problem of Jesus

Now that Christmas is well and truly over and my Internet is behaving itself again I think it's high time I uploaded some more Fanfic PDF's and made a start when it comes to putting my Original fiction out in the big wide web for people to mock ruthlessly. So here it is, a nice little slice-of-life into a fictional world I call, for some reason, the Lenks universe (I'll explain one day), where two individuals do what individuals do and have a few beers and then discuss the problems they get at work. Their work, however, is a little unusual. You know what they say: policing a multi-cultural society is hard. Policing a multi-cultural society with access to time travel is even harder...

Oh, and now I’m not either covered with snow of celebrating Christmas, chapter six of the Fanfic is up online, and the old ones have been re-formatted and re-written to now contain traces of both sanity and correct spelling. And yes, I still plan to get Gravitar enabled comments working one day in the misty far off future, once I lasso one of my programmer friends and get them to explain to me why my front-of-house code and the database I set up for the comments refuse to talk to each other despite my best matchmaking attempts.

The Problem of Jesus.